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Planned features

Issue # Description Scheduled for
287 Text Editor should allow creation and editing of tables Unknown
287 Text Editor should allow insertion of images (design solution for managing assets) Unknown
128 Add mind-mapping and visual explanation diagramming functionality Unknown
38 Add support for footnotes Unknown
31 Add support for other bibliographic reference/citation formats (e.g., APA) Unknown
30 Add BibTex support Unknown
211 Double-clicking .chapterlab document should open it in app (file associations) Unknown
181 Shortcut keys for operations: changing styles, dot/numbered bullets, indent/outdent Unknown
139 Text Metrics: should show cumulative word count for Binder selection and child objects Unknown
156 Spell check should handle section headings Unknown
295 Support text metrics for readability/difficulty/complexity (e.g., Gunning-Fog index) Unknown
284 Embedded tags in text blocks should use surrounding text style Unknown
147 Offer option to highlight spelling errors with squiggly red underline Unknown
162 Support a, b, c, ... and other alternate sequences for numbered lists (currently only 1, 2, 3, ... supported) Unknown
161 "Restart numbering"/"Continue numbering" commands for numbered lists Unknown
32 Add additional fields for Bibliographic Sources; allow override of generated references Unknown
297 Offer a way to turn off spell checking (in case of performance problems) Unknown
190 Expand/Collapse (All) buttons needed for Binder, Search Results, Object References views Unknown
157 Spell check should check text in objects other than Text Blocks Unknown
192 Add multilingual support and foreign-language spellcheck dictionaries Unknown
164 Cut/copy should put RTF on clipboard for transfer to other apps (tricky due to styles) Unknown
165 Paste should attempt to handle RTF formatting placed on the clipboard by other applications (very tricky due to styles) Unknown
23 Undo/redo should support moves and deletes of objects in the Project Binder Unknown
37 Warnings should be generated when typographical styles have duplicate/empty names Unknown
104 Allow drag-and-drop to move objects to Trash Bin (currently must use Move to Trash) Unknown
144 Spell check custom words dictionary should be maintained in alphabetical order Unknown
145 Make it possible to change project's primary language for spell-checking Unknown
188 Add "Preflighting" window to show problems and prevent export if critical errors exist Unknown
224 Allow option to suppress section numbers in document exports Unknown
61 Deadlines in Tasks should be proper dates with calendar controls and validation Unknown
105 Add support for magnifying/adjusting text size throughout the UI Unknown
138 Add support for text variables Unknown
148 Right-clicking on a misspelling in the Text Editor should allow correction, override, etc. via context menu Unknown
259 Add an "Open Recent" submenu in the File menu Unknown

Known bugs backlog

Issue # Description Scheduled for
334 App sometimes fails to start on Windows XP when installed/running as non-admin user Unknown
335 Null Pointer Exception sometimes triggered when opening Problems View Unknown
260 Word count refresh is flaky; switching to/away from a Text Editor often leaves fields blank Unknown
261 Refresh command should recalculate text metrics, problems, etc. Unknown
123 Order of "OK" and "Cancel" buttons sometimes reversed from expected order on Mac Unknown
251 Export file-chooser dialogs do not suggest/provide a default filename Unknown
172 Numbered bullets should adjust to match surrounding typographical style Unknown
274 Concept Editor should prevent duplicate relationship entries from being entered Unknown

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